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SuperPup Crawley & Horsham - Adolescent Classes

SuperPup is a 6-week follow-on course for puppies and young dogs over 20 weeks old, who have completed the Puppy School course or a similar level of training.

SuperPup further develops many of the skills learned during Puppy School. The course includes a variety of training techniques and socialisation exercises, to enhance recall and focus on owners on walks, building
calmness and confidence and improving your bond and working relationship between you and your dog as they go through the challenges of adolescence.

You and your SuperPup will learn:

๐Ÿพ Super Speed – quicker recalls and improved focus on handler

๐Ÿพ Super Strength and Fitness - body maintenance / healthcare tips, and fun doggy workouts

๐Ÿพ Super Stealth and Stillness – the skill of calmness and polite manners

๐Ÿพ Super Senses – scentwork games and brain games, using the natural environment

๐Ÿพ Super Flexibility - on things, over things, under things, having fun and building confidence

๐Ÿพ Super Social – building an unbeatable team

Sessions are interactive, fun and family friendly, with live coaching and feedback as you practice the skills being taught. Anyone who is going to be living with or actively involved in caring for your puppy is encouraged to come along to classes and learn together. We also have a WhatsApp group for each course to allow further support between the weekly classes. 

My SuperPup classes run from either: 
Tilgate Community Centre, Shackleton Road, Crawley RH10 5DF -  Weekday Evenings

or        Warnham Village Hall, Hollands Way, Warnham, Horsham RH12 3RH  - Sunday Mornings

The current cost for the 6 week Puppy School group course is £120 + £2 booking fee. You can see all the currently available course dates and book onto a SuperPup group course here:


Alternatively I can offer the same 6 week SuperPup course or individual sessions on a particular topic on a 121
basis at your home or other suitable location. Click here to lea
rn more about 121 training.

Following the SuperPup classes I also run fun Trick Training classes to keep those brains busy in a constructive way!  Click here to learn more!


To ask any questions about SuperPupclick here...

To learn more about Puppy School UK, click here...

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SuperPup Horsham

Sunday 26th May 2024 at 9.30 am


(There will be a one week break in this course on 23rd June 2024)

Warnham Village Hall

Hollands Way, Warnham, Horsham, RH12 3RH

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